Voice One Demand is an organization dedicated to connecting, supporting, and uplifting BIPOC Voice Over artists and the VO community. Although anyone may join, VOD is still rooted in supporting the voices of BIPOC, which is largely underrepresented in the VO world.
To register and receive and info packet with class descriptions, visit aureliamichael.com/vod or email vodassistant@gmail.com

This class is an informational to answer any initial questions you have, as well as a breakdown of how Aurelia began, where she trained, and suggestions she has for being successful in this business. Our voices are truly in demand, and we want to help you take advantage of that! This class is $30, or $45 with our VO Gym class, and runs approximately 2 hours
*No equipment necessary
Coach Chris Grant will join us for a 5-7 minute individual coaching session, with everyone still in the zoom room so we can learn from one another. He has done voiceover for the US Open, Kansas City Chiefs, Uber Eats, Denny's, Acura, and much more. But more importantly, he is an Incredible teacher. If you have taken the Intro to VO class, you will be provided homework to do throughout the week to get you geared up for the VO gym. This class is $20 if purchased separately.
*No equipment necessary
This program came directly from how Aurelia began her auditioning process in June of 2020. Her coaching company, Aurelia Michael Living, has been doing a 30 Day Challenge of choice every month, and from the #30DaysOfVO challenge, her entire career changed. She has now replicated that challenge, in which at the top of every week you will get your 7 "Assignments" to complete. We will also have a mid-month check in to see how it's going! This challenge is $30, and runs from mid-month of each month.
*No equipment necessary
This class is for those who have taken the Intro to VO, VO gym, or already have a good understanding about VO and are ready to start making financial gains and connections. We will discuss editing, auditioning, proper organization and business management, and answer any "on the job" questions that you have. We will edit an audition together, and receive feedback!
This class is $30, and runs approximately 2hours
​*No Equipment necessary
(Invitation only)
This class is intended for those with equipment who are ready to jump into the
audition game, are auditioning and seeking better results, those booking, and those who just want to know more about how directed sessions via phone patch or source connect works!
​This class is $30, and runs approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
*Equipment necessary
w/Aurelia Michael
- Single 1/2hr session ($40) 3 session package ($110)
-Single 1hr session ($75) 3 session package ($215)
Visit @ourvoiceondemand on instagram for current classes,
and email vodassistant@gmail.com for registration